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DiSC® Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Group Report


DiSC® Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Group Report
Working in a group setting usually means working with people who are different from you. You'll probably find that you're good at some things that are difficult or stressful for others in your group. On the other hand, many people in your group are probably good at things that aren't as comfortable as you. The Team Dimensions Profile identifies various roles that may come naturally to different people in your group.

  • Creators generate new ideas and fresh concepts. They prefer to live in the world of possibilities and look for activities that are unstructured, abstract, and imaginative.
  • Advancers communicate new ideas and carry them forward. They focus on the interactive world of relationships and often manage the human part of any solution.
  • Refiners analyze ideas for flaws or revise projects systematically. They focus on the objective, analytical world of facts or theories.
  • Executors deliver concrete results and seek successful implementations. They tend to be realists who pay attention to details and the bottom line.
  • Flexers have equal preference for most or all of the roles and can often adapt their styles to fit the team's needs.

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