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The Missouri Open Meetings and Records Law: The Sunshine Law

Created by Dana Tanahill.  Reviewed by Attorney Joseph Lauber


Understanding the Missouri Open Meetings and Records law is paramount to being an efficient and successful local government official in Missouri.  This course reviews the information elected officials, clerks, administrators, attorneys and citizens need to know about how to conduct meetings and provide access to public records.  The Missouri Municipal League developed The Missouri Sunshine Law to help local officials navigate the many intricacies involved in complying with the Missouri Sunshine law.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the requirements for posting of public meetings
  • Learn what must be included in meeting minutes
  • Know what triggers the Sunshine law requirements
  • Recognize what can and cannot be discussed in a closed session
  • Proper response to citizen records requests
  • Learn how the law affects emails between elected officials
  • Know the penalties for non-compliance

Course Information:

Takes approximately one hour to complete and is divided into 8 sections plus an introduction.  Each section should take about 5-8 minutes.  All 8 sections and the introduction are included in the course price.

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